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Reliable Service with an Eye on Safety


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L&D has invested in new state-of-the-art rumble strip equipment to assist you with all your roadway safety needs. 

Whether its centerline or edgeline rumbles, L&D can meet the needs of all specifications.

Up-to-date technology to ensure best possible application

Quality goals of “0” accidents

Exceptional safety record back by experience

Equipment options to meet a wide variety of needs

Well trained network of operators and drivers

Fleet of reliable and well-maintained equipment

Consistent, dependable and efficient performance

Commitment to safety through training

Highly durable materials to ensure lasting safety

With reliable, on time service in the New England area and beyond, L&D’s friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff are ready to provide a safe and lasting solution to your pavement marking needs. Safety and customer satisfaction are always our key objectives.


Our Mission

LD Safety Marking is devoted to the industry and supply our customers with technical advice, quality products that conform to all government agency specifications at competitive price with superior service, never overlooking safety.


Our Vision

To continue to grow as the leader in quality highway improvement pavement markings and rumble strips while maintaining one of the best ongoing safety records in the Northeast.



Safety is critical in the pavement marking industry. LD Safety Marking Corp. takes our commitment to safety for our workers and the travelling public seriously. Our well-trained staff ensure safe travelling through our projects for both our staff and the travelling public alike. At LD, Safety isn’t just a term, it’s a culture.



LD Safety Marking has works hard at creating a company culture their employees are proud to be a part of. We’ve built our reputation on doing the project correctly and safety the first time, every time.



LD Safety Marking is one of the most technologically advanced pavement marking company in the industry. In an age where technology is the future, we embrace it. LD Safety Marking offers solutions for any type of pavement marking application, rumble strip applications, GIS and GPS Mobile Mapping and Roadway profiling.

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